SWGEmu Commemoration Update

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Ok… Thank you all for coming again…. We really appreciate the turnouts when we announce something big and love to see the community come together like this.

As you know, we’ve had our dark times over the past year, with theft of code, theft of money, theft of our pride. But we dont need to go into that again. I’ve said my peace to the people involved and removed the problem people from our network. Leaked code is wrong, and using it while calling it your own just plain sucks.


In Xeno’s absense from the team we continued on and developed a full fledged combat system that we thought we might possibly never achieve. As it stands right now, if you logged in, and had a duel with someone, you wouldnt be able to tell the difference between Live and the Emu. Its that good.

Then Xeno rejoined us. And we really began to work as a team again. Xeno is a natural leader and is the face of this project. I know it comes off that I’m always in charge but I take second to Xeno. So please dont short-change Xeno on anything. He’s a great reverser and figures ALOT of things out for this project.

So tonight, We’d like to share with you the progress that we’ve made over the last little while with a montage of video showing our history. Since making this video, we’ve also figured out player housing, force run, force meditate, all client effects, mounts on both swoops AND creatures, and as of 30 minutes ago, we fixed movement so it is no longer stop and go. It’s smooth as a babies bottom.

I wanna make one thing clear. We are not flaming SOE with this video. We just chose to release it on a milestone day of SWG to show that we are around and not going away. When you tell someone that something can’t be done, it only makes them want to do it more.

Videos/screenshots of all of that other stuff will come later, but for now please enjoy the Commemoration, of that which is SWGEmu.

(dramatic pause)


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