SWGEMU: To clear up the confusion + little tidbit of news..

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Ok. Since alot of people seem somewhat confused even though I’ve explained it in plain english numerous times, I will say it again.

CU is being worked on so we can test these packets from our packet logs to see what they actually do.

Now, my reasoning was, once we got CU working, why dont I release all the packet information / code so there can be a CU emulator as well. It seems logical.

The whole dev team hasnt switched to making the CU emulator like everyone seems to think. All it requires is a few switching of packets. But thats really a moot point. The original intention of the CU emulator is to help us understand the packets more.

And just to show you exactly what I mean, while we were doing this, TheAnswer fixed the 1 combat packet we were having problems with, and then I figured out the attackid list, so we now have a semi-functional combat system. Without delving into the CU emulator, this never would have happened, as we were practically out of ideas. But now we have the momentum.

There will be a nice big update/announcement live from us at PDXLAN on September 22-25. Haven’t decided which day yet.

So stay tuned Smile

Hopefully this clarifies a few things.
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