SWGEMU now opensource!

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Our public svn repository is now located at:


you can browse the source in a browser or download it via tortoise svn using the “checkout” feature when you right click an empty folder in windows. enter that url and hit okay, voila. you have the source.

To update, you right click that same folder and click svn update. this will ensure you have the latest version of our code which is ever-changing.

As it stands, char creation isn’t in yet. I’ve been busy worrying about zoning and sandbox to implement it. you can however, use the swgemu.sql file found in mysql/ to insert a test account that has a username of test and a password of test. this also includes a basic test character that you can zone into. THIS IS NOT YET AT SANDBOX STAGE but it will be very soon.

Right now there is only visual C++ 2005 project files, which works with express if you have the platfom SDK installed. to load the project, load up the file swgemu-vc80.sln found in the win32 directory. I shouldn’t have to explain how to compile it, but im sure someone will make a guide anyways so look for that on how to compile.

This assumes mysql is installed in C:\MySQL! so without modifying the project files install any 4.x/5.x mysql version to that location!

The default configuration file is located in Conf/, the swgemu.exe executable needs to be in the root directory where the “Conf” directory is located to run (in this case, the root directory that you downloaded the source too, unless you move Conf)

Default location of swgemu.exe is in Debug/ which is created after a successful build.

Any questions?


— The SWGEmu team

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