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As many of you know already, we will be opening our code repositories to the public on July 9th, 2006 (This sunday) so they can anonymously check out our code. This code is being released in hopes that devs without enough time to be an official developer could help out when they could. This is also intended to help the public spot bugs and fix them before they’re a problem in releases to come after this.

THIS IS NOT A RELEASE – This will not be playable.

Things you can likely do with this release (NOTE: They’re not all finished yet! this is a work in progress!)

Fully authenticate with the login server, select a character, and login to zone. We expect basic movement and probably chat by sunday, but no promises.

If we don’t have basic sandbox sunday, it’ll be soon after.

I ask that all those non-developers please keep the questions to a minimum. I know you guys will poke around and try to play with it anyways, but we really have better things to do than explain everything to you guys.

Developers, we’ll be opening a couple sections up for code related discussion and code submission. The system we’re currently using is Subversion with a Trac wiki. Both should be fairly familar if you’ve worked on any team projects.

Note: This will only include documentation and the CORE source code, this does not include the dummy servers! Those will remain private

Use the source, Luke!

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